2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 41

Backrest angle adjustment

  1. Sit on the seat.
  2. There are three backrest angle positions available. Pull up lever B and adjust the released backrest by pressing it into a less steep seat position or by easing it into a more upright seat position. The backrest engages in the current position when you release the lever.

Folding rear seat backrests forward
The rear seat backrests are divided and can be folded forward individually to make the luggage compartment larger.

The backrests on the left and middle seats are joined together. When you fold the left backrest forward, the middle backrest will also fold over. The backrest on the middle seat can also be folded forward separately.

  • To fold the backrests forward, the rear seats should be moved back by adjusting the fore- and-aft position.

Folding outer seat backrests forward

  1. Slide the headrest down. Please see the chapter "ADJUSTING HEADRESTS" on page 37.
  2. Disengage retractable cover from the seat. Please see the chapter "RETRACTABLE COVERS" on page 223.
  3. Pull up release lever B and fold the backrest forward.
    The backrests must engage audibly in the lowered position. Adjust the fore-and-aft position of the seats to do this if necessary.

Adjusting outer seat backrests to vertical position

  1. Pull up release lever B and fold the backrest back.
  2. Make sure that the safety belts are not Folding middle seat backrest forward trapped.
    Fold up the backrest until it locks with an audible click.
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