2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Example: driver’s seat


  • Push headrest upwards until the desired position is reached.


  • Press button A and, at the same time, push the headrest downwards until the desired position is reached.

Middle headrest of the rear seat

Removing and installing the middle headrest of the rear seat

If you want to fold the backrest on the middle rear seat forward when the rear seats are in the front position (e.g. in order to make the loadspace bigger or transport bulky objects), the headrest can be removed to prevent it from hitting against the center console.

  • Re-install the headrest when using the middle seat.


  • Press button B and, at the same time, pull the headrest completely out.

Removal of or Failure to Adjust Headrest
Driving with removed headrests, improperly positioned headrests or improperly installed headrests can cause serious personal injury or death in an accident.

  • Adjust the headrests so that the upper edge of the headrest is brought to eye level or higher.
  • Do not drive the vehicle without the headrest in place and properly adjusted.


  • Insert the headrest into the guides and push it down fully until it is engaged.
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