2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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  1. Open the zip and screw on the wheel holder B using the wheel bolt wrench from the tool kit.

Wheel Instability
If the holder is not tightened sufficiently, the spare wheel may come off the holder and endanger the occupants if it slips as a result of braking, a change in direction or in the event of an accident.

  • Observe the tightening torque of wheel holder B (20 Nm (14.8 ftlb.)).

  1. Using a torque wrench (not included in the tool kit), check the tightening torque of the wheel holder (14.8 ftlb. (20 Nm)).
  2. Engage the tightening belt in attachment points A at the front and rear of the loadspace floor.
  3. Check the position of the tightening belt at the periphery of the tire tread and adjust if necessary.
  4. Tighten the tightening belt.
  5. Close the wheel cover (zip).

Depending on the rear seat position, noises can occur when the spare wheel is fitted.

  • Move the rear seat to its foremost position and adjust the backrest to a vertical position.

Inflating Tires
The compressor with pressure gauge is located under the loadspace floor at the right in the luggage compartment.

  • Please read the operating instructions on the compressor.
  1. Screw the compressor's filler hose onto the tire valve.
  2. Remove the cover of the engine compartment lid.

Positive terminal for jump-lead starting
Ground point for jump-lead starting

  1. Connect clips of the compressor to the jump-lead starting terminals.
    Always observe the sequence below:
  1. Open the cap on the positive terminal for jump-lead starting (+).
  2. Connect positive lead (red) to the positive terminal for jump-lead starting (+).
  3. Connect negative lead (black) to the negative terminal for jump-lead starting ().
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