2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Fixing a Flat Tire
The tools required for changing a wheel (e.g. jack, wheel bolt wrench, assembly aids, folding wedges) are only supplied with the vehicle if the vehicle comes with a collapsible spare wheel or full-size spare wheel as standard. Your authorized Porsche dealer will be pleased to advise you.

  1. Stop the vehicle as far away from the driving lane as possible.
    The vehicle must be parked on a firm and flat surface with adequate grip.
  2. Switch emergency flasher on.
  3. Activate the electric parking brake.
  4. Put the vehicle in 1st gear or move the Tiptronic S selector lever to position P.
  5. Straighten the front wheels.
  6. Remove the ignition key, or the control unit on vehicles with Porsche Entry & Drive, in order to lock the steering and prevent the engine from being started.
  7. Get all passengers to leave the vehicle.
    Pay attention to other traffic.
  8. Set up the warning triangle at a suitable distance.

A - Wedges

Securing the vehicle against rolling
To secure the vehicle, use the two folding wedges A supplied in the tool kit.

  • You can remove the wedges after undoing the Velcro fastening.
  1. Unfold the wedges.
  2. Lock them in unfolded position.

  1. Place one wedge each directly in front of and behind the diagonally opposite wheel.
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