2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Portable Fuel Container Leaks
Portable fuel containers may leak, whether they are full or partially empty. Fuel leaking from a portable container carried in your vehicle could, in case of an accident, cause a fire or explosion.

  • Never carry additional fuel in portable containers in your vehicle.

Vehicles with SportDesign package

Risk of damage to the vehicle due to lower ground clearance.

On vehicles with SportDesign package, front, rear, and side member trim are painted and located lower on the vehicle. Off-road driving can seriously damage these trim parts.

  • When driving off-road, make sure these parts are not damaged.
  • Make sure there is sufficient clearance between obstacles and the underside of the vehicle.
  • Avoid driving through water.
  • Do not use side member trim as a running board.

Porsche Ceramic Composite Brake (PCCB)

  • Please see the chapter "BRAKES" on page 163.

The high-performance brake system is designed for optimal braking effect at all speeds and temperatures.

Certain speeds, braking forces and ambient conditions (such as temperature and humidity) therefore might cause brake noises.

Wear on the different components and braking system, such as brake pads and brake disks, depends to a great extent on the individual driving style and the conditions of use and therefore cannot be expressed in actual miles on the road.

The values communicated by Porsche are based on normal operation adapted to traffic. Wear increases considerably when the vehicle is driven on race tracks or through an aggressive driving style.

Please consult an authorized Porsche dealer about the current guidelines in effect before such use of your vehicle.

Dear Porsche Owner,
a lot has gone into the manufacture of your Porsche, including advanced engineering, rigid quality control and demanding inspections. These engineering and safety features will be enhanced by you…

the safe driver….

  1. who knows her/his car and all controls,
  2. who maintains the vehicle properly,
  3. who uses driving skills wisely and always drives within her/his own capabilities and the level of familiarity with the vehicle.

You will find helpful hints in this manual on how to perform most of the checks listed on the following pages. If in doubt, have these checks performed by your authorized Porsche dealer.

Before driving off…
Check the following items first

  • Turn the engine off before you attempt any checks or repairs on the vehicle.
  • Be sure the tires are inflated correctly. Check tires for damage and tire wear.
  • See that wheel bolts are properly tightened and not loose or missing.
  • Check engine oil level, add if necessary. Make it a habit to check the engine oil with every refueling.
  • Check all fluid levels such as windshield washer and brake fluid levels.
  • Be sure the vehicle battery is well charged and cranks the engine properly.
  • Check all doors and lids for proper operation and latch them properly.
  • Check and if necessary replace worn or cracked wiper blades.
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