2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Wet Brakes
Reduced or uneven braking action may be caused by wet brakes.

  • After washing the vehicle, test the brakes and steering and briefly brake the disks dry. When doing so, make sure that vehicles traveling behind you are not affected.

Cleaning in car washes
Optional add-on parts or parts that project beyond the contours of the vehicle may be damaged by design features of car washes.

The following parts are particularly at risk:

  1. Windshield wipers and rear wiper (always switch them off – wiper stalk in position 0 – to prevent them wiping unintentionally in intermittent or sensor operation).
  2. Door mirrors (always fold in).
  3. External antenna (always unscrew).
  4. Roof transport system (always remove completely).
  5. Spoiler.
  6. Wheels (the wider the rim and the lower the tire height, the greater the risk of damage).
  7. High-gloss or silk-gloss wheels (to prevent these from getting scratched, do not clean with the wheel-cleaning brushes of the car wash).
  • Please consult the operator before using automatic car washes.
  • All parts not reached by a car wash, such as door and lid seams or door sills, must be washed and polished by hand.

Automatic car washes spray water at odd angles and high pressures, which are not seen in normal driving. Therefore, water can sometimes find its way into the passengers compartment during or shortly after the car wash.

Paint care
In order to protect the paintwork on your vehicle in the best possible way against mechanical and chemical damage, you should:

  1. Preserve it regularly,
  2. Polish it if necessary,
  3. Remove spots and stains,
  4. Repair damaged paintwork.


  • Never rub a dusty vehicle with a dry cloth, because the grains of dirt will damage the paintwork.
  • Do not treat matt-painted components with preservatives or polishes as these remove the matt effect.

The paint surface becomes dull over time due to weathering.

  • Preserve paint regularly.
  • Apply paint preservative after washing the vehicle and polish it smooth to preserve the paintwork.

This keeps the paint shiny and elastic. Dirt is prevented from adhering to the paint surface and industrial dust is prevented from penetrating the paint.

Only when the original shine can no longer be obtained using preservatives should paint polish be used to clean the paint.

We recommend Porsche paint polish.

Removing spots and stains

  • Remove tar spatters, traces of oil, insects etc. as soon as possible using an insect remover, as they discolor the paint if left to work on it over time.
  • Wash the treated areas carefully afterwards.

Repairing minor paint damage

  • Have minor paint damage (cracks, scratches or stone damage) repaired immediately by your authorized Porsche dealer before corrosion begins.
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