2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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High-pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaners

Risk of damage as a result of using high-pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaners or similar.

High-pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaners or similar can damage the following components:

  1. Tires,
  2. Logos, emblems,
  3. Painted surfaces
  4. Wheel arch extensions,
  5. Alternator, valve covers,
  6. ParkAssist sensors,
  7. Radar sensor for adaptive cruise control,
  8. Rearview camera.
  • Always read the operating instructions provided by the equipment manufacturer.
  • Always cover the lid of the brake fluid reservoir prior to cleaning. Never point the cleaning jet directly at the lid.
  • When cleaning with a flat-jet nozzle or a so-called "dirt blaster", maintain a minimum distance of 21 in. (50 cm).
  • Never use high-pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaners, etc. with a round-jet nozzle. High-pressure cleaning equipment with a round nozzle will damage your vehicle. The tires are particularly susceptible to damage.
  • Do not point the cleaning jet directly at any of the aforementioned components.

Decorative film

Risk of damage due to separation of the decorative film when using high-pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaners or similar cleaning equipment.

  • Do not use high-pressure cleaning equipment, steam cleaners, etc. to clean decorative films.

Care of door lock

  • To prevent the door lock from freezing during the cold season, cover the lock barrel with suitable adhesive tape while washing the vehicle.

If the lock still freezes, use an ordinary de-icer. In many cases, a well warmed key can help.

  • Never use excessive force.

Car washing
The best protection for the vehicle from the damaging effects of the environment is frequent washing and preservation.

The longer road salt, road dust, industrial dust, insect remains, bird excrement, and tree exudations (e.g. resin, pollen), etc. are allowed to remain on the bodywork, the more harmful their effect.

Observe the following points in order to ensure that the vehicle is washed thoroughly without damaging the paintwork:

  • The underside of the vehicle should also be thoroughly washed at the end of the gritting season at the latest.
  • Wash your vehicle only at sites provided for this purpose to prevent soot, grease, oil and heavy metals from entering the environment.
  • Dark colors are slightly more susceptible to scratching and require particularly careful paint care.
    Dark paints make even the smallest surface blemishes (scratches) more conspicuous than lighter colors.
  • Do not wash your Porsche in direct sunlight or when its body is hot.
  • When washing by hand, use a car shampoo, plenty of water, and a soft sponge or washing brush.
    We recommend Porsche car shampoo.
  • Start washing the vehicle by thoroughly wetting the paintwork and rinsing the heavy dirt off.
  • After washing the vehicle, rinse it thoroughly with water and rub it dry with chamois-leather.
    Do not use the same chamois for rubbing dry as you use for cleaning the windshield and windows.
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