2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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The correct fuel type for your vehicle is printed on a sticker on the inside of the filler flap.

  1. Stop the engine and switch off the ignition.
  2. Open the filler flap by pressing on the rear part of the filler flap (arrow).
    The vehicle must be unlocked.

  1. Slowly unscrew the tank cap.
    Put the tank cap into the holder (arrow).
  2. Insert the pump nozzle fully into the filler neck.
    The handle of the pump nozzle must point downwards.
  3. Operate the pump nozzle and refuel the vehicle.
    Do not add further fuel once the correctly operated automatic pump nozzle has switched off. Fuel could spray back or could flow over when heated.
  4. Replace the tank cap immediately after refueling and close it until you hear and feel it locking.
  5. Close the filler flap and press on the rear of the filler flap until it engages securely.

If you lose the tank filler cap, you must replace it only with an original part.

Risk of damage to decorative film as a result of contact with fuel.

Decorative film can fade if it comes into contact with fuel.

  • Wipe off any spilled fuel immediately.

Misfueling Safeguard Assistant (Cayenne Diesel)
The Cayenne Diesel is equipped with a Misfueling Safeguard Assistant. This device is designed so that the tank can only be filled using a diesel pump nozzle of the proper diameter.

The Misfueling Safeguard Assistant helps prevent filling the fuel tank of a diesel vehicle with gasoline, because the assistant makes it difficult to insert any type of filler nozzle other than the type commonly used for diesel fuel.

The Misfueling Safeguard Assistant can generally only be properly opened with a correct nozzle of the proper diameter from a standard diesel fuel pump.

Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to turn the nozzle back and forth slightly with light pressure to open the Misfueling Safeguard Assistant.

  • If the Misfueling Safeguard Assistant cannot be opened this way, please contact your authorized Porsche dealer and have the fuel system checked.

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