2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 258

Technical Modifications

  • Modifications may be carried out on your vehicle only if approved by Porsche.
    This ensures that your Porsche will remain reliable and safe to drive, and that it will not be damaged as a result of the modifications.
    Your authorized Porsche dealer will be pleased to advise you.


  • Only use genuine Porsche spare parts for your vehicle or spare parts of similar quality which have been manufactured according to the specifications and production requirements of Porsche. These parts are available from your authorized Porsche dealer or a qualified specialist workshop. Safety-related accessories should only be used if they are from the Porsche Tequipment range or are tested and approved by Porsche. Your authorized Porsche dealer will be pleased to advise you and answer any questions you may have.
    However, the use of other parts or accessories may adversely affect the safety of your vehicle, and Porsche can take no responsibility for any loss or damage caused by their use.
    Even if the supplier of other accessories or parts is a recognized supplier, the safety of your vehicle may still be affected if such items are installed.
    Due to the large variety of products offered in the accessory market, it is not possible for Porsche to inspect and approve every one.
  • In addition, please note that the use of replacement parts that are not genuine Porsche parts or approved parts, or the use of accessories not approved by Porsche may also detrimentally affect your vehicle warranty.
  • Check your vehicle regularly for signs of damage. Damaged or missing aerodynamic components, such as spoilers or underbody panels, impair vehicle handling and must therefore be replaced immediately.

Radiator fan
For information on radiator fans:

  • Please see the chapter "RADIATOR FANS" on page 285.

Radiator Fans
The fans can start running depending on the temperature, even with the engine switched off.

  • Exercise extreme care that parts of the body, articles of clothing or jewelry do not get caught in the radiator fan.
  • Exercise extreme caution when working in the area of the radiator fans.

Measurements on test stands
Performance test
Performance tests on roller-type test stands are not approved by Porsche.

Brake tests
Brake tests must be performed only on roller-type test stands.

The following limit values must not be exceeded on roller-type test stands:

  1. Test speed 4.7 mph (7.5 km/h)
  2. Test duration 20 seconds

Testing the electric parking brake
Electric parking brake tests on the brake test stand must only be performed with the ignition switched on and with the manual gearshift lever in neutral or the Tiptronic S selector lever in position N.

The accelerator pedal must not be pressed.

The vehicle switches automatically to brake test stand mode, in which the electric parking brake can be tested.

The message "Electric parking brake in service mode" appears on the multi-function display of the instrument panel.

Balancing wheels on the vehicle
During finish balancing of the wheels, the entire vehicle must be lifted and the wheels must be free to turn.

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