2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 233

Cupholders in the rear armrest
There are two cupholders in the armrest.

  • Fold armrest down fully.

Front Ashtray/Storage Compartment

The ashtray is replaced by a storage compartment on non-smoker vehicles.

Ashtray Fire Risk

  • Never use ashtray for waste paper disposal, as it could pose a fire hazard.

Risk of damage to the storage compartment from hot ash.

  • Do not fill with hot ash.


  • Press briefly on the ashtray lid.


  • To release the ashtray insert, open the ashtray and press the ashtray lid down.
  • Pull the ashtray insert up to remove it.
  • After emptying the ashtray, replace the insert and push it down until it clicks into place.
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