2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 232

Storage tray in the armrest between the front seats
The release button A has a two-stage function.
These two pressure points can be felt clearly when you press the button.

Moving the armrest – first button setting
The armrest can be moved forward or back.

  • Pull the release button A upwards as far as the first pressure point, move the armrest forward or back and engage in the end position.


  • Only move the armrest horizontally when it is closed.

Opening the storage tray – second button setting
The storage tray can only be opened when the armrest is in the rear position.

  1. Pull the release button A upwards as far as the second pressure point.
  2. Open the storage tray.

Only open the storage tray when the release button A has been pulled as far as it will go.

Other storage options
There are other storage options available, depending on the vehicle equipment:

  1. Storage compartment and bottle holder in the front and rear door panel
  2. Storage compartment in the center console (instead of the ashtray)
  3. Map pockets
  4. Clothes hooks on the rear grab handles
  5. Cargo net on the left in the luggage compartment

You can place drinks cans and cups in the cupholder.

  • Keep the rear cupholder closed while driving.

Hot Drink Spills
Hot drinks can cause scalding, if spilled, causing potential loss of vehicle control.

  • Only use containers that fit.
  • Never put overfull containers in the cupholder; ideally fill only halfway.
  • Use only sealable containers that cannot spill.
  • Always keep an eye on containers that have been put down.
  • Do not use for hot drinks.

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