2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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A - Unlocking the vehicle
B - Locking the vehicle
C - Unlocking the tailgate and doors

Opening and Locking From Outside
Depending on your vehicle equipment, you can unlock and lock the vehicle either with the car key or without a key by means of Porsche Entry & Drive.

The factory settings of the vehicle are described in this section.

In the multi-function display of the instrument panel, you can change the settings and store them on the respective key for vehicles with comfort memory.

For information on modifying the opening and locking settings:

  • Please see the chapter "LOCKING SETTINGS" on page 135.

If you unlock the driver’s door with the emergency key in the door lock, you must switch the ignition on (ignition lock position 1) within 10 seconds of opening the door in order to prevent the alarm system from being triggered. The other vehicle doors remain locked. The vehicle is locked again automatically after 30 seconds if the driver’s door is not opened.

For information on unlocking the vehicle using the emergency key:

  • Please see the chapter "THE VEHICLE CANNOT BE UNLOCKED" on page 34.

With the key
Use the buttons on the key to unlock and lock the vehicle.

With Porsche Entry & Drive
On vehicles with Porsche Entry & Drive, you can unlock, lock and start the vehicle without using the key.

You simply have to carry the key with you, e.g. in your pocket.

  • Do not expose the car key to a high level of electromagnetic radiation. This could adversely affect Porsche Entry & Drive.
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