2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 223

Luggage Compartment Cover
Items in the luggage compartment may be hidden from view by using the luggage compartment cover.

  • Always pull out the luggage compartment cover when transporting objects in the luggage compartment.
    The luggage compartment cover is not designed to carry objects.
  • Do not hang bags or objects on the support brackets. The support brackets can break off.

Misuse of Luggage Compartment Cover
In the event of braking, direction changes or in an accident, objects can slide into the passenger compartment and endanger the occupants.

  • Never leave hard, heavy or sharp objects on the luggage compartment cover.
  • If clothing is placed on the luggage compartment cover, there must be no hard, heavy or sharp objects in the pockets.
  • No animals are allowed on the luggage compartment cover when the vehicle is being driven.

Pulling out luggage compartment cover

  • Pull out the cover by the handle and insert it into the guides on the left and right side walls.

Retracting luggage compartment cover

  • Disengage the luggage compartment cover from guides on the side walls and carefully guide it back into the retractor roller.

Retractable covers
The area between the luggage compartment cover and the adjustable rear seat backrests can be covered by two retractable covers.

Pulling out retractable cover

  • Pull the retractable cover forward and engage it at the holders on the rear seat backrest.

Rolling in retractable cover

  • Disengage the retractable cover from the holders and carefully guide it back into the retractor roller.
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