2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 213

Rules for off-road driving

  • Ensure vehicle is equipped with approved all-terrain tires.
  • Pay attention to the ground clearance of the vehicle.
  • Activate the off-road driving program.
    Please see the chapter "SELECTING DRIVING PROGRAM" on page 198.
  • Switch on terrain level or special terrain level, if necessary, before starting to drive off-road.
    Do not brake the car to a stop while adjusting the level.
  • The level should only be adjusted on a level surface.
  • Stow or fasten luggage and loads securely.
    For information on stowing loads and luggage: Please see the chapter "LOADING INFORMATION" on page 237.
  • If unknown terrain is obscured from view, examine it on foot first and drive with extreme caution.
    This way, obstacles are easier to recognize and damage to the vehicle is avoided.
  • Always drive with the engine running.
    Power steering assistance is provided only with the engine running.
  • Drive slowly and consistently.
  • Always make sure that the wheels are touching the ground.
  • Before driving through water, check the water depth, the condition of the surface beneath it and the speed of the water.
  • Look out for obstacles, such as boulders, holes, tree stumps or ruts.
  • Always keep the sliding/lifting roof or Panorama roof system and the side windows closed while driving.
  • Do not deviate from marked routes or paths.
  • Respect nature.
    Always obey off-limits signs.

Driving Systems for Off-Road Driving
Specially adapted driving programs or power-transmission and chassis control systems are available for off-road driving:

  1. Off-road PTM
  2. Off-road PTV Plus (depending on vehicle equipment)
  3. Off-road PSM
  4. Off-road ABS
  • For further information on the functioning of chassis control systems:
    Please see the chapter "TRANSMISSION AND CHASSIS CONTROL SYSTEMS" on page 202.

Before driving off-road

  • Check tread depth and inflation pressure of tires.
  • Check for damage and remove any foreign objects (e.g. stones) from the tread.
  • Replace missing valve caps.


  • Replace dented or damaged rims before driving off-road.
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