2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 197

Driving off
1st or 2nd gear can be selected for driving off.

To shift up automatically at the upper engine-speed limit:

  • Press the accelerator pedal beyond the full-throttle point (kickdown).

Information Normal and Sport mode
There is no automatic upshift at the upper engine-speed limit in selector-lever position M. Upshift suppression can be canceled in Normal and Sport mode by kickdown operation.

The transmission shifts down to the lowest possible gear depending on the driving speed and engine speed.

If, for example, the engine-speed limit is reached during overtaking and an automatic upshift does not occur, the transmission shifts up in this case as a result of kickdown operation.

Information Off-road mode
The kickdown function is not available in selector-lever position M in Off-road mode.

If, for example, the upper engine-speed limit is reached during overtaking and an automatic upshift does not occur, the transmission only shifts up when you press a shift button (+) or pull the right shift paddle back (+) or briefly press the selector lever (+).

Manual selection mode failure
If manual mode fails, the control electronics system switches to automatic mode.

In this case, selector-lever position D will be displayed on the instrument panel.

  • Have the fault corrected at an authorized Porsche dealer.


  • For a brief stop (e.g. at a traffic light), leave the selector lever in drive position and hold the vehicle with the brake pedal.
  • Do not hold the car on a slope using the accelerator. Use the brake pedal or the electric parking brake instead.
  • Before leaving the vehicle, always apply the electric parking brake and move the selector lever to position P.

In selector-lever positions D and M, the HOLD function makes it easier to drive off from a standstill on an upward slope when the engine is running without having to press the brake.

  • For information on using the HOLD function:


  • Go easy on the accelerator.
  • When parking or maneuvering in a small space, control the speed by careful use of the footbrake.

Driving in winter
In wintry road conditions, it is advisable to take steep inclines in manual mode M. This prevents gear changes occurring that could cause wheel spin.

Warning messages/faults
For information on warning messages on the multi-function display:

  • Please see the chapter "OVERVIEW OF WARNING MESSAGES AND INFORMATION" on page 140.

If the selector lever is between two positions

  1. The corresponding selector-lever position on the instrument panel flashes.

Action required:

  • Operate the footbrake and engage the selector lever properly.

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