2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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M – Manual selection mode
The currently engaged gear is retained when you change from D to M.

If you change from M to D, the gear-changing map suitable for your current driving style is selected and the appropriate gear is engaged.

The selector lever and the two shift buttons in the upper steering-wheel spokes let you select the eight forward gears comfortably and reliably.

Shifting up +

  • Press the selector lever or shift button on the steering wheel forward or pull the right shift paddle on the steering wheel back.

Shifting down –

  • Pull the selector lever or shift button or left shift paddle on the steering wheel back.

You can shift up or down at any time depending on driving speed and engine speed.

Gear changes that would exceed the upper and lower engine-speed limit are not performed.

The gear is changed down automatically just before idle speed is reached.

  • Select an appropriately low gear on upward and downward slopes.
    This will ensure optimum use of engine power and engine braking.

Upshift prompt for fuel-economy-optimised driving
The consumption-oriented upshift indicator A in the tachometer at the right beside the digital speed display helps you to develop a fuel-saving driving style.

The upshift indicator lights up - prompting you to shift up to the next-higher gear - depending on the selected gear, engine speed and accelerator pedal position.

The upshift indicator is only active when "Sport" mode is switched off.

  • Change to the next-higher gear when the upshift indicator lights up.
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