2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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D – Automatic selection mode (D – Normal mode)

  • Select selector-lever position D for "normal" driving.
    The gears are shifted automatically according to the accelerator position and speed.

Depending on how the vehicle is driven (economical or sporty driving style) (not Cayenne S Hybrid) and on the resistance (e.g. driving uphill), the gear-changing points are shifted towards higher or lower engine-speed ranges. The accelerator movement, driving speed, longitudinal and lateral acceleration and the road profile all have an influence on the gear-changing characteristic.

  • Unwanted upshifts, e.g. when entering corners, are prevented by swiftly releasing the accelerator pedal.

Depending on lateral acceleration, upshifts on corners are not made until the engine-speed limit is reached.

When you brake, and depending on the amount of deceleration, the transmission changes down earlier. For subsequent cornering, the right gear is engaged when pressure is applied to the brakes before the corner.

The corner is taken in a suitable gear. It is not necessary to change down when accelerating out of the corner.

D – Sport mode
The transmission switches to a sporty gearchanging map. A sporty driving style is recognized more quickly and the gear-changing speeds are adapted to driving performance.

Braking downshifts are initiated earlier (not Cayenne S Hybrid). Downshifts occur for small decelerations, even at higher revs.

D – Off-road mode (not Cayenne S Hybrid)
The transmission switches to an off-road gearchanging map.

The gear-changing points are chosen to achieve the best possible vehicle control on difficult terrain.

On steep downhill stretches, upshifts are prevented until average engine speeds are reached.

When the vehicle is overrunning, upshifts are prevented until the engine-speed limit is reached.

Shifting gears on the steering wheel
With the shift buttons on the steering wheel, you can change temporarily from automatic selection mode D to manual mode M.

Changing gear using the steering wheel could be useful in the following situations:

  1. Shifting down before corners and on entering built-up areas.
  2. Shifting down on downward slopes (engine braking).
  3. Shifting down for brief spurts of acceleration.

The manual selection mode remains engaged:

  1. For cornering (depending on the lateral acceleration) and overrunning.
  2. When the vehicle is stationary (e.g. at a junction).

The system leaves manual selection mode:

  1. automatically after around 8 seconds (unless cornering or overrunning),
  2. after driving off.

The kickdown function is active in selector-lever position D and M.

  • For optimum acceleration, e.g. when overtaking, press the accelerator pedal beyond the full-throttle point (kickdown).

The transmission shifts down depending on the speed of travel and engine speed.

Upshifts occur at the highest possible engine speeds.

Unlike in Normal and Sport mode, an automatic upshift is not performed in manual selection mode M in Off-road mode when the engine-speed limit is reached.

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