2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 185

C – Warning indicator on door mirror does not light up
When you set the turn signal in driving situation B, there is still no indication on the door mirror.

Setting display brightness on door mirror
The brightness of the warning indicator for both the information stage and warning stage is automatically adjusted according to the ambient brightness.

You can also adjust the basic brightness as required on the multi-function display.

  • Please see the chapter "LANE CHANGE ASSIST (LCA)" on page 132.

The new brightness is displayed briefly during the setting process. This is the level of brightness displayed for the information stage. The brightness of the warning stage depends on the brightness of the information stage.

  • Set the brightness of the information stage so that you can clearly see the warning indicator lighting up when you look in the door mirror, but cannot see it when you look straight ahead through the windshield.

In very dark or bright surroundings, the warning indicator may already be at the lowest or highest level of automatic brightness adjustment. In such cases, there may not be any noticeable change in the brightness of the warning indicator on the door mirror when you adjust the basic brightness.

When you change the basic brightness in very bright or dark surroundings, you may not notice any change until you are back in an area with moderate ambient brightness.


  1. Lane Change Assist is not active while you are adjusting the brightness. The warning indicator lights up briefly only to help you to set the brightness.
  2. Your settings are automatically stored and assigned to the radio key you are using.

General information
System-related limits are set for Lane Change Assist while driving. Please drive with extreme care therefore:

  1. when driving around corners
  2. when driving in lanes that are not of standard width.

When driving around corners

  1. Lane Change Assist cannot detect vehicles in tight corners (corner radius of less than 109 yd. (100 m)).
  2. When driving around a corner, Lane Change Assist may react to a vehicle driving two lanes over from you and the warning indicator on the door mirror may light up.

Lane width

  1. The Lane Change Assist detection area is designed in such a way that it covers the two adjacent lanes (left and right) on lanes of standard width regardless of whether you are driving exactly in the middle or more on the edge of your lane.
  2. When you are driving on narrow lanes, this area may cover even more lanes, particularly if you are driving at the edge of your lane. In situations like this, vehicles driving two lanes over from you can also be detected and Lane Change Assist could switch to the information or warning stage.
  3. Likewise, when driving on very wide lanes, vehicles in the next lane may not be detected because they are outside of the detection area.
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