2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 182

Operating principle
Lane Change Assist measures the distance and speed difference of the detected vehicles compared to your vehicle. Whenever Lane Change Assist regards the speed difference and distance as critical for changing lanes, this is indicated on the relevant door mirror.

The warning indicator can light up when you are overtaken by a vehicle or when you overtake another vehicle.

When you overtake another vehicle slowly (speed difference of less than 9 mph (15 km/h)), the warning indicator lights up as soon as this vehicle is in your blind-spot area and is detected by Lane Change Assist. If there is a greater speed difference, this is not indicated on the door mirror.

Information and Warning stage
Lane Change Assist has 2 warning indicator stages:

  1. the information stage and
  2. the warning stage.

Depending on whether or not you have set the turn signal to indicate that you intend to change lane, Lane Change Assist helps you by activating the relevant warning indicator stage.

Information stage
If you have not set the turn signal, Lane Change Assist will inform you about detected vehicles that will be regarded as critical for a possible lane change. Whenever Lane Change Assist regards the speed difference and distance of a detected vehicle as critical, a weak light appears in the warning indicator on the relevant door mirror.

The brightness of the information stage is deliberately weak so as not to distract you while driving without intending to change lanes and looking at the road. The information stage is clearly visible when you look in the door mirror.

Warning stage
When you set the turn signal and Lane Change Assist has detected a vehicle on this side which it regards as critical for changing lanes, the warning indicator on the mirror on this side will start to flash brightly. When the warning stage flashes brightly several times, this should be an indication for you to check the driving situation again by looking in the door mirror and looking over your shoulder.

The brightness of the warning indicator on the door mirror can be changed.

  • Please see the chapter "SETTING DISPLAY BRIGHTNESS ON DOOR MIRROR" on page 185.

Driving situation – vehicle approaching fast

A – Warning indicator on door mirror does not light up
The sensors do not detect a vehicle. No lights on warning indicator on door mirror.

B – Warning indicator lights up in information stage
The sensors detect a fast approaching vehicle – on the left lane in the example. This vehicle is already regarded as critical for changing lanes due to the significant speed difference even though it is still a good distance away.

The warning indicator on the door mirror lights up in information stage.

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