2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 179

The situations described below lead to the assumption that the driver is driving carefully and the prewarning and acute warning functions are disabled:

  1. The driver drives around tight corners.
  2. The driver is braking.
  3. If the driver accelerates sharply, this action is interpreted as an active driving request (e.g. indicating the driver’s intention to overtake).

Switching Porsche "Active Safe" warnings on/off
The latent warning and prewarning functions are switched off by default. The acute warning function is active.

Latent warnings and prewarnings can be activated under "Prewarning on" on the multi-function display.

The settings remain stored when the ignition is switched on and off.

  • Please see the chapter "ACTIVE SAFE (PAS)" on page 132.

Lane Change Assist (LCA)
Lane Change Assist (LCA) uses radar sensors to help the driver to monitor the blind-spot area and the traffic situation behind the vehicle.

Warning indicators are integrated in both door mirrors. The warning indicator B on the left door mirror assists the driver in changing into the left lane, while the warning indicator on the right door mirror assists the driver in changing into the right lane.

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