2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 176

Exceptions for adaptive cruise control
Adaptive cruise control is not available in the following situations:

  1. If the ignition is switched off.
  2. When PSM is off.
  3. If the driver's door is opened and the driver's safety belt is not fastened.
  4. When parking or maneuvering in very tight spaces.
  5. When the electric parking brake is activated.
  6. When the Tiptronic S selector lever is in position N, R or P.
  7. On upward or downward gradients of more than 20 %.
  8. When Porsche Hill Control (PHC) is active (or on standby).

If one of these exception situations occurs when adaptive cruise control is switched on, adaptive cruise control will be switched off.

A message to this effect will appear on the multi-function display.

Warning messages
Overtake request when adaptive cruise control is active (ACC active)
If adaptive cruise control detects that braking assistance is required on the part of the driver, a warning signal sounds and the warning message "Distance! Please brake!" appears on the multi-function display.

Inadequate braking power during automatic braking by the adaptive cruise control
In this case, the braking power of the adaptive cruise control is not sufficient to prevent a collision.

  • Brake immediately.

Traffic situations in which vehicles cannot be reliably detected
The radar sensor for adaptive cruise control scans a narrow, cone-shaped area in front of your vehicle.

Detection can be limited or unreliable, depending on the traffic situation and the size of the vehicle in front. The system may brake too late or unexpectedly. Stationary vehicles are not detected. The system cannot respond to stationary vehicles.

  • Drive with extreme care.
  • Slow down if necessary.
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