2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Auto Start Stop Function
The engine stops automatically when the vehicle is stopped, e.g. at traffic lights or in a traffic jam. The Auto Start Stop function thus helps to save fuel.

The ignition stays on even when the engine switches off automatically. All safety functions are still available.

Stopping the engine
The Auto Start Stop function stops the engine shortly after the vehicle stops moving.

  1. Use the footbrake to stop the vehicle.
  2. Keep the footbrake pressed. or
    Move Tiptronic S selector lever to position P.

Preconditions for stopping the engine

  1. Auto Start Stop function switched on.
  2. Engine compartment lid closed.
  3. Driver detected: driver's safety belt fastened and driver's door closed.
  4. Tiptronic S selector lever in position D, N or P or transmission range 1 or 2 selected manually.
  5. Engine, transmission and battery are at operating temperature.
  6. Vehicle was driven at a speed of more than approx. 1 mph (2 km/h) for at least 1.5 seconds since the engine last stopped automatically.

Leaving the vehicle after the engine is stopped automatically
If the Tiptronic S selector lever position P is engaged, the driver’s seat belt is unbuckled and the driver’s door is opened without the ignition being switched off, a warning tone sounds when the door is opened and the warning message "Please switch off the ignition" appears on the multi-function display in the instrument panel.

  • Switch ignition off.

Starting the engine
The Auto Start Stop function starts the engine:

  • In Tiptronic S selector-lever position D, N or manually selected transmission range 1 or 2 Release the footbrake. or
    Press the accelerator.
  • Move Tiptronic S gear selector to position R.

You can drive off normally.

The engine will start automatically in certain situations, e.g. if the vehicle starts rolling, if air conditioning causes reduced comfort, or if the brake vacuum is reduced.

Starting the engine manually after unbuckling the seat belt
If the driver’s seat belt is unbuckled and the brake is then released after the engine was stopped automatically, the engine will not start automatically.

The message "Please start engine manually" will appear on the multi-function display of the instrument panel.

  • Please see the chapter "OVERVIEW OF WARNING MESSAGES AND INFORMATION" on page 140.
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