2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 158

Starting and Stopping the Engine
The immobilizer can be deactivated and the engine started only using an authorized ignition key.

  • Please see the chapter "IMMOBILIZER" on page 254.

Exhaust Gas
Exhaust gas contains colorless and odorless carbon monoxide (CO), which is toxic even in low concentrations. Carbon monoxide can cause unconsciousness and even death if inhaled.

  • Never start or let the engine running in an enclosed, unventilated area. It is not recommended to sit in your car for prolonged periods with the engine on and the car not moving.

Exhaust System Fire Hazard
Exhaust fumes and the exhaust system are very hot when the engine is running. The exhaust system remains hot for some time after the engine is turned off.

  • Do not park or drive your vehicle where combustible materials, such as dry grass or leaves, can come into contact with the hot exhaust system.
  • If your car catches on fire for any reason, call the fire department. Do not endanger your life by attempting to put out the fire.

An unattended vehicle with a running engine is potentialy hazardous. If warning lights come on to indicate improper operation, no one would be present to observe the light and turn off the engine.

  • Never leave the engine idling unattended.

Starting the vehicle

  • Operate the footbrake.
  • Fully depress and hold the clutch pedal. Put the gearshift lever in neutral (vehicles with manual transmission) or on vehicles with Tiptronic S:
    move Tiptronic S selector lever to position P or N.
  • Do not press the accelerator pedal.
    The engine control unit will provide the correct starting mixture.
  • Turn the ignition key or control unit (Porsche Entry & Drive) to ignition lock position 2.
    The starting process is carried out and completed automatically as soon as ignition lock position 2 (start engine) is reached.
    The ignition key or control unit is reset automatically to ignition lock position 1 (ignition on).
  • Do not operate the starter for more than approx. 10 seconds. If necessary, repeat the starting procedure after a pause of approx. 10 seconds. Turn the ignition key back to ignition lock position 0 (initial position) first.
    The first operation of the starter is ended automatically when the engine starts.
    If the engine does not start, subsequent starter operations will not be ended automatically.
  • Do not warm up the engine when stationary. Drive off immediately. Avoid high revolutions and full throttle until the engine has reached operating temperature.
  • If the vehicle battery power is too weak, the engine can be started with jumper cables.
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