2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 132

Switching lighting of the analog clock on the dashboard on and off
The lighting of the analog clock on the dashboard can be switched off and then on again.

For information on the clock:

  • Please see the chapter "ANALOG CLOCK ON THE DASHBOARD" on page 107.

Assistance systems
Active Safe (PAS)
The Porsche "Active Safe" functions can be completely or partly disabled.

The settings remain stored when the ignition is switched on and off.

System on
All Porsche "Active Safe" functions can be switched on and off.

When all Porsche "Active Safe" functions are switched off, the gray symbol appears at the bottom of the multi-function display.

Prewarning on
The latent and prewarning functions are switched off by default. The acute warning function is active.

Latent and advance warnings can be activated under "Prewarning on".

Lane Change Assist (LCA)
The brightness of the warning indicator on the door mirror as well as the information and warning stage is automatically adjusted according to the ambient brightness.

Setting display brightness on door mirror
You can adjust the basic brightness.

Available setting options:
– "Dark"
– "Mid"
– "Bright"

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