2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 126

Storing intermediate time
You can store an intermediate time while the stopwatch is still running.

The intermediate time is displayed temporarily on the multi-function display. It is not stored. Timing continues in the background.

Stopping timing
You can stop the stopwatch at any time.

The stopwatch time B stops.

Continuing timing
You can resume timing again after stopping the stopwatch.

The stopwatch time B continues.

Resetting the stopwatch time
The stopwatch time can be reset to zero.

All stopwatch time displays are reset to zero.

ACC Menu
For information on the adaptive cruise control (ACC):

Please see the chapter "ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL (ACC)" on page 168.

Vehicle Settings on the Multi-Function Display
Different settings can be adjusted in the multi-function display on the instrument panel depending on the vehicle equipment.

On vehicles with comfort memory, the settings are stored on the car key or the person buttons in the driver's door.

For information on the comfort memory:

  • Please see the chapter "STORING PERSONAL SETTINGS" on page 151.

Selecting Settings menu

Selecting setting options or activating vehicle functions
A symbol positioned in front of a setting option indicates whether the option is selected or a vehicle function is activated.

Selecting one of several options

Option is selected.
Option is not selected.

Activating and deactivating functions

Function is activated.
Function is not activated.

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