2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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The message "Action canceled" appears if the setting process is interrupted. All entries made up to this point are lost, and the original settings remain in effect.

Before fitting tires with dimensions that are not already stored in the multi-function display, the missing information should be added to the multi-function display.

  • Please see your authoized Porsche dealer.
  • Use only tires approved by Porsche.

The available items in the Tire pressure menu depend on the model type. For this reason, some of the selection options shown here may not be available on your multi-function display.

System learning
Tire Pressure Monitoring System begins to "learn" the wheels after a wheel change, wheel transmitter replacement or update of the tire settings.

During this process, Tire Pressure Monitoring System recognizes the wheels and their locations.

The message "No monitoring, system is learning" (example) appears on the multi-function display.

The wheel learning process takes place exclusively when the vehicle is being driven (vehicle speed above 16 mph (25 km/h)).

Tire Pressure Monitoring System requires a certain amount of time to learn the wheels.

During this time, the current tire pressures are not available on the multi-function display:

  1. The tire pressure warning light remains lit until all wheels have been learned.
  2. Lines (-.-) appear on the display of the "Tire pressure" function.
  3. The required pressures for cold tires (68 °F (20 °C)) are indicated under "Fill info" in the "Tire pressure" main menu.

Position and pressure information is displayed as soon as Tire Pressure Monitoring System has assigned the wheels recognized as belonging to the vehicle to the correct wheel positions.

  • Check the tire pressure for all wheels under "Fill info".
  • Correct the tire pressure to the required pressure if necessary.

Yellow warning – Inflate!

Tire pressure warnings
The tire pressure warning light on the instrument panel and a corresponding message on the multi-function display warn about loss of pressure in two stages (yellow and red), depending on the amount of pressure loss.

Yellow warning – Inflate!
The pressure in the tire is more than 4 to 7 psi/ 0.3 to 0.5 bar / 30 to 50kPa too low. The tire pressure warning specifies the affected tire and the target tire pressure.

  • Correct the tire pressure at the next opportunity.
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