2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

2013-2014 Cayenne – Manual

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Warning Light

Attention to TPMS Malfunction Indicator
Your vehicle has also been equipped with a TPMS malfunction indicator to indicate when the system is not operating properly.

The TPMS malfunction indicator is combined with the low tire pressure telltale.

When the system detects a malfunction, the telltale will flash for approximately one minute and then remain continuously illuminated. This sequence will continue upon subsequent vehicle start-ups as long as the malfunction exists.

When the malfunction indicator is illuminated, the system may not be able to detect or signal low tire pressure as intended.

TPMS malfunctions may occur for a variety of reasons, including the installation of replacement or alternate tires or wheels on the vehicle that prevent the TPMS from functioning properly.

  • Always check the TPMS malfunction telltale after replacing one or more tires or wheels on your vehicle to ensure that the replacement or alternate tires and wheels allow the TPMS to continue to function properly.

The warning light in the instrument panel lights up:

  1. When a loss in pressure has been detected.
  2. In the event of a defect in Tire Pressure Monitoring System or a temporary fault.
  3. When learning new fitted wheels/wheel transmitters, as long as the vehicle's own wheels have not yet been recognized.

The tire pressure warning light on the instrument panel goes out only when the cause of the fault has been rectified.

Overview of Tire Pressure Monitoring System functions

Tire Pressure Monitoring System offers the following functions:

  1. Display of the actual tire pressure while the vehicle is in motion.
  2. "Fill info" display:
    Display of the deviation from the required pressure (refilling pressure) at standstill.
  3. "Tire info" display:
    Display of current settings (when the vehicle is stationary).
  4. Tire pressure warnings in two stages (yellow and red warning).

Tire pressure display on the multi-function display

Selecting the Tire pressure function on the multi-function display

The "Tire pressure" function displays the temperature-dependent tire pressures (actual pressures) in the four wheels.

You can watch the tire pressure rise as the temperature increases while driving.

This display is only for information.

  • Under no circumstances should the tire pressures be changed based on this display.

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