2012-2016 911 – Manual

2012-2016 911 – Manual

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Power Windows

Opening and closing the windows
When opening or closing the windows, particularly in one-touch mode, parts of the body may get trapped between the moving window and fixed vehicle parts.

  • Take care to ensure that nobody can be injured when the windows open or close.
  • Always remove the ignition key when leaving the vehicle or switch ignition off on vehicles with Porsche Entry & Drive. Always take the ignition key with you when leaving the vehicle. Uninformed persons could injure themselves by operating the power windows.
  • Do not leave children in the vehicle unattended.

Readiness for operation of power windows
The power windows are ready for operation:
– With ignition switched on.
– After the ignition is switched off and before the driver's or passenger's door is first opened, but for a maximum of 10 minutes.
One-touch operation for closing the door windows is available only when the ignition is switched on.

When the convertible top is open, the rear side windows can only be closed if the door windows are closed.

A - Power window, driver's side
B - Power window, passenger's side
C - LED indicator for switching between front/ rear power windows
D - Switch for front/rear power windows

Opening/closing windows
On the Cabriolet, select front or rear power windows with switch D.

The LED C in switch D indicates that the rear windows are selected.

Opening window with the switch

  • Press the relevant switch until the window has reached the desired position.

Closing window with the switch

  • Pull the relevant switch until the window has reached the desired position.

The switches have a two-stage function. Both detent positions can be felt clearly when you actuate the switch.

– First setting – manual operation
If the relevant switch is moved to the first position, the window is opened or closed manually.
The window stops when the switch is released.

– Second setting – one-touch operation
If the relevant switch is moved fully to the second position, the window is opened or closed automatically.
Actuate the switch again to stop the window at the desired position.

If a door window is blocked during closing, it will stop and open again by several centimeter.

If the window is blocked a second time within approximately 10 seconds, one-touch operation is disabled for this window.

The window can be closed manually. The window then closes with its full closing force.

One-touch operation is enabled again once the window has been closed completely using the manual closing function.

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