2012-2016 911 – Manual

2012-2016 911 – Manual

Page: 186

When the driver is parking and maneuvring the vehicle, ParkAssist indicates the distance between the vehicle and a large obstacle by means of signal tones.

  • On vehicles with front and rear sensors:
    For information on the ParkAssist visual display, please refer also to the section "PARKASSIST" in the operating instructions for the Porsche Communication Systems PCM/CDR.

ParkAssist is activated automatically when reverse gear is selected and the ignition is on.

If the vehicle has front ParkAssist, this also issues an automatic warning when the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle in front is less
– than approx. 40 in./100 cm (acoustically)
and approx. 32 in./80 cm (visually).

A warning signal sounds when
– the distance between the vehicle and an obstacle at the rear is less than approx. 71 in./180 cm.
The ParkAssist visual display appears on the central screen of the Porsche communication system.

Front and rear ParkAssist is not activated:
– At a speed of more than approx. 9 mph (15 km/h).
– When the electric parking brake is activated.
– When the ParkAssist has been switched off with button A in the overhead console with the ignition switched on.
The indicator light in button A lights up.

ParkAssist Limits

Responsibility for parking and for assessing the risk to persons, children, pets, and small objects around the vehicle lies completely with the driver.

  • Make sure that no persons (especially small children), animals or obstacles are within the maneuvering area.
  • If the continuous tone sounds, stop and do not move your vehicle further in that direction.

Ultrasound sensors

The ultrasound sensors A in the rear bumper and the sensors A in the front bumper (depending on vehicle equipment) measure the distance to the closest obstacle:
– Range behind the vehicle: approx. 71 in. (180 cm)
– Range at the side of the vehicle: approx. 24 in. (60 cm)
– Range in front of the vehicle: approx. 47 in. (120 cm)

Obstacles cannot be detected in the "blind" sensor area (above and below the sensors, e.g. objects hanging down or close to the ground).

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