2012-2016 911 – Manual

2012-2016 911 – Manual

Page: 172


Unsecured or incorrectly positioned objects or loads

An unsecured or incorrectly positioned load can slip out of place or endanger the vehicle occupants as a result of braking, direction changes or in accidents.

  • Do not transport items of luggage or objects unsecured in the passenger compartment.
  • Do not transport any heavy objects in open oddments trays.
  • Always keep the covers of the oddments trays closed while driving.
  • Do not exceed the maximum gross weight and the axle load.
    This information can be found under "Technical data" in this Owner's Manual:
    Please see the chapter "WEIGHTS" on page 264.
  • Adapt the tire pressure to the load.
    If you change the tire pressure, you must also update the setting for Tire Pressure Monitoring.
    Information on tire pressures for partially and fully loaded vehicles can be found under "Technical data" in this Owner's Manual: Please see the chapter "TIRE PRESSURE FOR COLD TIRES (68 °F/ 20 °C)" on page 262.

Storage options
There are various storage options available, depending on the vehicle equipment:
– Drinks holder/cupholder,
– in the doors,
– in the door sill next to the passenger's seat,
– in the center console, front and rear,
– behind the rear seat backrests (only with the convertible top closed on the Cabriolet; when opening the convertible
top there should not be any objects in the area behind the rear seats – risk of damage),
– oddments tray between the seats,
– glove box with pen holder,
– clothes hooks on back of front seat backrests (depending on vehicle equipment) and on the B-pillars,
– enlarged storage space by folding the rear seat backrests forward.

Glove box

Open Glove Compartment

An open glove box may cause injury during an accident.

  • Keep the glove box closed while driving.

On the inside of the glove box lid, there is a clip for holding a pen.


  • Pull the latch handle (arrow) and open the lid.


  • Always lock the latch handle with the emergency key to secure the contents from unauthorized access.

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