2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

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  • Sit back as far from the dashboard or steering wheel as is practical, while still maintaining full vehicle control.
  • Always hold the steering wheel by the outer rim. Never rest your hands on the center of the steering wheel where the airbag module is located.
  • Always keep feet in the footwell while driving. Do not put feet on the dashboard or the seat area. Do not lean against the inside of the door or outside the window while the vehicle is moving.

Safe Storage of Objects

Objects and load have to be stored securely to keep from causing injury.

  • Do not transport heavy objects on or in front of the passenger seat. These could impair the function of the airbags, the safety belts, and occupant sensing.
  • Do not hang objects (e.g., jackets, coats, coat hangers) over the backrest.
  • Objects must not protrude out of the door storage compartment.
  • Do not add any additional coverings or stickers to the steering wheel or in the area of the passenger airbag, side airbags, knee airbags, and head airbags. Doing so may adversely affect the functioning of the airbag system or cause harm to the occupants if the airbag system should deploy.
  • No objects should be placed over or near the airbag on the instrument panel, because any such objects could cause harm if the vehicle is in a crash severe enough to cause the airbag to inflate.
  • Give your passenger all of the information in this chapter.

Modification to Airbag System

A modified airbag system cannot offer protection. They may not trigger or could trigger in an uncontrolled way. An uncontrolled triggering of the airbag system can result in serious personal injury or death.

  • Do not modify the seat coverings, since such changes can block the seat-mounted side airbag. Do not attach additional cushions, protective coverings, or pillows to the passenger's seat. Do not affix things to the passenger's seat or cover it with other materials. Do not cover the back of the backrest. Do not make changes to the passenger's seat, the cushion or foam, the occupant sensor, and to the seat base frame.
  • No changes must be made to the wiring or components of the airbag system.
  • Do not install any wiring for electrical accessory equipment in the vicinity of the airbag wiring harnesses. Doing so may disable the airbag system or cause inadvertent inflation.
  • If the warning light comes on, the airbag system should be repaired immediately by your authorized Porsche dealer.
  • Using accessories not approved by Porsche can cause the occupant sensing to be impaired.
  • Do not squeeze objects, such as the fire extinguisher, or first aid kit under the seat.
  • Only have seats removed and installed by an authorized Porsche dealer so that occupant sensing components will not be damaged.

Airbag components (e.g. steering wheel, seats) may be disassembled only by an authorized Porsche dealer.

  • When disposing of a used airbag unit, our safety instructions must be followed. These instructions can be obtained at any authorized Porsche dealer.

Function of the airbag system
Airbags are a supplemental safety system. Your primary protection comes from your safety belts. The front airbags are triggered during a frontal collision of sufficient force and direction.

In the event of a side impact of corresponding force, the side airbag on the impact side is triggered.

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