2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

Page: 278

Removing headlights

  1. Switch off the ignition and remove the ignition key, or pull out the control unit on vehicles with Porsche Entry & Drive.
  2. Open the engine compartment lid.
  3. Take a socket wrench out of the tool kit.
  4. Place the socket wrench on the release and turn in direction of arrow until you feel and hear the headlight being released.

  1. Pull headlight approx. 4 in. (10 cm) forward out of the fender.
  2. Press back the release tab of the connector A and pull connector off.
  3. Press the release lever on the underside of the rapid-action coupling on the breather hose B up and pull it off.
  4. Pull headlight out completely.

Installing headlights

  1. Move the headlight release mechanism to unlock position. Insert the headlight into the guide rails, attach the connector A and breather hose B and then slide the headlight fully into the fender.
  2. Press the headlight to the rear and simultaneously turn the socket wrench in direction of arrow.
    You should feel and hear the headlight locking mechanism engage.
  3. Check that the headlight is seated securely.
  4. Remove the socket wrench and place it in the tool kit.
  5. Close engine compartment lid.

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