2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

Page: 239

Octane ratings
Octane rating indicates a fuel's ability to resist detonation. Therefore, buying the correct octane gas is important to prevent engine "damage".

The RON octane rating is based on the research method. The CLC (U.S. Cost of Living Council octane rating) or AKI (antiknock index) octane rating usually displayed on U.S. fuel pumps is calculated as research octane number plus motor octane number, divided by 2, that is written as:

The CLC or AKI octane rating is usually lower than the RON rating:
For example: 95 RON equals 90 CLC or AKI.

Fuels containing ethanol
Do not use any fuels containing more than 10 percent ethanol by volume.

We recommend, however, to change to a different fuel or station if any of the following problems occur with your vehicle:
– Deterioration of driveability and performance.
– Substantially reduced fuel economy.
– Vapor lock and non-start problems, especially at high altitude or at high temperature.
– Engine malfunction or stalling.

Fuel Evaporation Control
Fuel tank venting
The evaporation chamber and the carbon canister prevent fuel vapors from escaping to the atmosphere at extreme high outside temperatures, when driving abruptly around curves and when the car is parked at an incline or in any other nonlevel position.

Vapor control system and storage
When the fuel tank is filled, vapors are collected in the evaporation chamber by a vent line leading the vapors to the carbon canister where they are stored as long as the engine does not run.

Purge system
When the engine is running, the fuel vapors from the canister will be mixed with fresh air from the ambient air of the canister. This mixture will be directed to the intake air housing by the tank vent line, mixed with the intake air and burned during normal combustion.

Car Care Instructions

  • Please see the chapter "MEASUREMENTS ON TEST STANDS" on page 226.

Regular and correct care helps to maintain the value of your car and is also a precondition for the New Vehicle Warranty and the Anti Corrosion Warranty.

Your authorized Porsche dealer has specially developed car-care products from the Porsche program available either singly or as complete car-care sets. They will be pleased to help you select suitable products.

Whether you use Porsche products or other commercially available cleaning agents first make sure of their correct application.

A Porsche that is well-cared for can look like new for years. It all depends on the amount of care the owner is willing to give the car.

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