2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

Page: 18

Notes on the Key and Central Locking System
You are provided with two car keys with integrated emergency key. These keys operate all the locks on your vehicle.

  • Be careful with your car keys: do not part with them except under exceptional circumstances.
  • Remove and take the ignition key with you, even if leaving the vehicle only briefly.
    Do not leave the ignition key in the vehicle.
  • Inform your insurance company of any loss or theft of car keys or if extra or replacement keys have been cut.
  • Third parties can still operate the mechanical locks with a lost key.

Different vehicle settings are stored on the respective key when the vehicle is locked, provided the vehicle is fitted with the relevant equipment.

For information on storing vehicle settings on the key:

  • Please see the chapter "STORING VEHICLE SETTINGS" on page 37.

Emergency operation

  • Please see the chapter "EMERGENCY OPERATION – UNLOCKING THE IGNITION KEY" on page 145.

Replacement keys
Car keys can only be ordered through an authorized Porsche dealer. Sometimes, this may take a long time.

You should therefore always keep a spare key on your person. Keep it in a safe place, but under no circumstances in or on the vehicle.

The key codes of new keys have to be "reported" to the vehicle control module by an authorized Porsche dealer. All keys belonging to the vehicle must also be reported again.

Third parties can continue to operate the mechanical locks using the lost key.

Panic button
In dangerous situations or when one's own safety is threatened, it is possible to draw attention to the situation by triggering an alarm.

To trigger an alarm

  • Press button.
    The horn sounds and the emergency flasher flashes.

To stop the alarm

  • Press button again.
    The horn becomes silent and the emergency flasher goes out.

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