2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

2010-2013 Panamera – Manual

Page: 164

Traffic situations in which vehicles cannot be reliably detected
The radar sensor for adaptive cruise control scans a narrow, cone-shaped area in front of your vehicle.

Detection can be limited or unreliable, depending on the traffic situation and the size of the vehicle in front. The system may brake too late or unexpectedly.

Stationary vehicles are not detected. The system cannot respond to stationary vehicles.

  • Drive with extreme care.
  • Slow down if necessary.

A – Vehicles changing lanes/cutting in
If a vehicle is changing lanes or cutting in ahead of you in the same lane, the vehicle will only be detected when it has moved completely into your lane.

B – Vehicles with a small cross-section/narrow vehicles
Narrow or small vehicles will not be detected or will be detected too late.

C – Driving into and out of corners
When driving into and out of corners, vehicles will not be detected or will be detected too late, or adaptive cruise control will react to vehicles in adjacent lanes.

D – Stationary vehicle
A stationary vehicle that appears suddenly in the detection field of the radar sensor, e.g. after a vehicle in front changes lanes, will not be detected by adaptive cruise control.

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