2009-2012 Cayman – Manual

2009-2012 Cayman – Manual

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Stopping Engine

  • Turn key back to position 3.
  • Do not stop engine immediately after hard or extended driving.
    Keep engine running at increased idle for about two minutes to prevent excessive heat build-up before turning off engine.
  • To avoid discharging the battery, always remove the ignition key from the ignition lock.
  • When leaving the car, always remove the ignition key, apply the parking brake and engage 1st gear or reverse gear on vehicles with manual transmission or move the selector lever to position P on vehicles with PDK transmission.
  • Engage the steering lock by moving the steering wheel to the left or right.
    Turn the steering wheel to the locking position before you switch off the engine so that you don't have to exert yourself when locking or unlocking the steering.

Danger of injury. Hot engine compartment components can burn skin on contact.

  • Before working on any part in the engine compartment, turn the engine off and let it cool down sufficiently.

Risk of burn injury when standing near or coming into contact with the exhaust pipe.

The exhaust pipe is hot when the vehicle is running and remains hot for some time after the vehicle is turned off.

  • To prevent injury, make a point of noting where your vehicle's exhaust pipe is, avoid placing your legs near the exhaust pipe, and closely supervise children around the vehicle when the exhaust pipe could be hot.
    A hot exhaust pipe can cause serious burns.

Engine-compartment blower, radiator fan
The radiator and radiator fans are in the front of the car.

The engine-compartment blower is mounted in the engine compartment.

Risk of injury.

After the engine is switched off, the enginecompartment temperature is monitored for approx. 30 minutes.

During this period, and depending on temperature, the engine-compartment blower may continue to run or start to run.

  • Carry out work in these areas only with the engine off, the ignition off, and exercise extreme caution.

Risk of injury. The radiator fans in the front end of the car may be operating or unexpectedly start operating when the engine is switched on.

  • Carry out work in these areas only with the engine switched off.

Automatic garage door
The ignition system in your Porsche may interfere with your electronically operated garage door.

  • To check this, drive your Porsche close to the garage door. Make sure not to interfere with the operating range of the door.
  • Run the engine at different speeds.
  • If the garage door opens or closes without you operating the garage door unit in your car, contact the dealer who installed the automatic garage door to have the frequency and/or coding of the garage door signal changed or modified.
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