2009-2012 Cayman – Manual

2009-2012 Cayman – Manual

Page: 35

M - Memory button
1 - Key button
2, 3 - Person buttons

Seat Memory
Individual seat and door mirror settings can be stored and recalled for the driver's position.

You cannot store the position of the side bolsters of the adaptive sports seat. Further individual setting options are available in vehicles with the Sport Chrono Package Plus.

  • Please observe the chapter "Individual Memory" in the separate PCM operating instructions.

Risk of crushing due to uncontrolled recall of a seat setting.

  • Cancel automatic adjustment by pressing any of the seat adjustment buttons.
  • Do not leave children in the vehicle unattended.

Operation with person buttons 2, 3
Storing seat position

  1. Switch on ignition.
    Reverse gear must not be engaged.
  2. Set the desired seat and door-mirror positions.
  3. Keep memory button M depressed and also press person button 2 or 3 until an audible signal confirms that the position has been stored.
    The individual setting is now stored under the desired person button.

Recalling seat position
The seat position can only be called up when the vehicle is stationary.

  1. Switch on the ignition or
    open the driver's door.
  2. Press person button until the seat has reached its final position.
    The setting of door mirrors and lumbar support will be completed even if the person button is not kept depressed.

Automatic seat adjustment can be interrupted immediately by releasing the button.

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