2009-2012 Cayman – Manual

2009-2012 Cayman – Manual

Page: 131

A - Adjustment button for clock
B - Clock
C - Outside temperature display

The clock is blanked out approximately four minutes after the ignition is switched off or when the car is locked.

Setting the time

Risk of loss of control or accident, resulting in serious personal injury or death.

  • Do not reach through the steering-wheel spokes while driving.

  • Switch ignition on.

Setting hours

  • Press adjustment button A for about one second.
    Hour display flashes.
  • Turn button in the appropriate direction:
    to right – increase hours figure
    to left – decrease hours figure.

    Adjustment in hours – turn button briefly
    Fast adjustment (display cycles) –
    turn and hold button.

Setting minutes

  • Press adjustment button again.
    Minutes display flashes.
  • Set by rotating as in hours mode.

Leaving adjustment mode
Automatically after one minute or:

  • Press adjustment button again.

When adjustment mode is deliberately left by pressing the button, the time begins precisely to the second.

The time mode can be changed between 12h and 24h in the on-board computer.

Outside Temperature
The outside temperature display C does not indicate, if ice is on the road.

Even if a temperature above 32 °F (0 °C) is displayed, ice may still form on the road, for instance on bridges or when the road passes through a heavily shaded area.

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