2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 53

LATCH Child Seat System
LATCH child seats are the best option for mounting a child seat in your Porsche. Such LATCH child seats can be installed only using the LATCH system in the rear seats.

Use only child restraint systems with the LATCH system (Lower Anchorage and Tether for Children) recommended by Porsche.

These systems have been tested and adjusted to the interior of your Porsche and the appropriate child weight groups. Other systems have not been tested and could entail an increased risk of injury. You can obtain child seats that are LATCH-compatible at your authorized Porsche dealer. Always observe the separate installation instructions for your child seat.

Using a LATCH child seat system
The outer rear seats are equipped with the LATCH system (lower anchorage and anchor points for tether straps on the back of the backrests).

Markings on the right and left for the LATCH child seat anchorage can be found on the backrests of the outer rear seats.

The anchor bars A for the LATCH child seat anchorage can be found directly under the markings between backrest and seat cushion.

Child Restraint Anchorages

Misuse of Rear Childseat Restraint Anchorages

Child restraint anchorages are designed to withstand only those loads imposed by correctly fitted child restraints. Under no circumstances are they to be used for adults safety belts or harnesses.

  • Do not misuse the child restraint anchorages. Only attach one child seat tether per anchorage.
  • They are not designed to withstand loads imposed by adults.

  • Please see the chapter "AUTOMATIC LOCKING RETRACTOR" on page 52.

If your child restraint seat or seats require the use of a tether strap, you will want to use the anchor points B provided behind the rear bench backrest. To ensure proper installation, see your authorized Porsche dealer.

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