2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 35

Seat and Headrest Adjustment

Improper Safety Belt Use

Safety belts only offer protection when the backrest is upright and the belts are properly positioned on the body.

Improperly positioned safety belts or safety belts worn by passengers in an excessively reclined position can cause serious personal injury or death in an accident.

  • Do not operate the car with the driver or passenger backrests excessively reclined.
  • Please see the chapter "SEAT POSITION" on page 37.

Seat Adjustment While Driving

The seat may move further than desired if you adjust it when driving. You could lose control of the vehicle.

  • Do not adjust seats while the vehicle is in motion. The backrest locks must be engaged at all times while the vehicle is in motion.

Seat Adjustment

If persons or animals are in the movement range of the seat during seat adjustment, parts of the body could get trapped or crushed.

  • Adjust the seat so that no-one is put a risk.
  • Do not activate the comfort memory button if there is any risk of the seat crushing the occupant.
  • Cancel automatic adjustment by pressing any of the seat adjustment buttons.
  • Do not leave children in the vehicle unattended, since they may depress the comfort setting button and crush themselves or another occupant.

Your vehicle is equipped with a total of five headrests in the backrests of the front and rear seats. The height of the headrests for the front seats and the outer headrests for the back seat is adjustable. Only the middle headrest of the rear seat is removable.

Failure to Adjust Head and Backrest

All occupants, including the driver, should not operate a vehicle or sit in a vehicle's seat until the headrests and backrests are placed in their proper positions so that the risk of neck injuries is minimized in the event of a crash.

  • Adjust the backrest's inclination such that the headrest is in an upright position. Adjust the headrest so that the upper edge of the headrest is brought to eye level or higher.
  • Driver and passengers should be seated upright and in the center of their seats.

Adjusting headrests

Removing Headrests

Driving with removed headrests will cause serious personal injury or death in an accident.

  • Do not drive the vehicle without the headrest in place and properly adjusted.

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