2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

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Malfunctions of the tailgate drive
The automatic function is not active if the vehicle battery voltage is too low.

If a button is pressed, the tailgate lock is unlocked and three brief warning signals sound. The tailgate can now be opened by hand.

  • Charge the vehicle battery.

Emergency operation of tailgate
If the automatic opening or closing operation is interrupted by a fault:

  • Slowly open or close the tailgate by hand.

Overload protection
If overloading of the tailgate drive is detected, three brief warning signals sound.

The tailgate cannot be operated automatically for approx. 30 seconds.

Opening and Locking From Inside
The factory settings of the vehicle are described in this section.

In the multi-purpose display of the instrument panel, you can change the settings and store them on the respective key for vehicles with comfort memory.

For information on modifying the opening and locking settings:

  • Please see the chapter "LOCKING SETTINGS" on page 134.

Front central locking button

Locking doors

  • Press the front or rear central locking button. When the ignition is switched on, the indicator light in the button lights up.
    All vehicle doors will be locked.
    The doors can be opened from inside by pulling once on the front inner door handle or by pulling twice on the rear inner door handle.

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