2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

Page: 274

The jack is stored with the tool kit under the loadspace floor at the left.

  • Please see the chapter "TOOL KIT" on page 264.

Misuse of Vehicle Jack

The jack must be used only to raise the car for wheel changing.

The jack must never be used as a support to work underneath the vehicle. If the jack is accidentally dislodged, you or bystanders could suffer severe personal injury.

  • Never jack up other vehicle or other loads with the jack.
  • Always place the car on stable supports if you have to work under the car.
    When working under the vehicle, always use safety stands specifically designed for this purpose.

Lifting the vehicle with a lifting platform, trolley jack or standard jack

  • For information on wheel changing: Please see the chapter "CHANGING WHEELS" on page 275.
  • For information on jacking points: Please see the chapter "JACKING POINTS FOR LIFTING PLATFORM, TROLLEY JACK OR STANDARD JACK" on page 279.

Risk of serious damage to the engine or vehicle if you lift the vehicle improperly.

  • Lift only at the jacking points provided.
  • Before driving the vehicle onto a lifting platform, make sure that there is sufficient space between the lifting platform and the vehicle.
  • To avoid serious damage, never jack up the vehicle at the engine, transmission or at the axles.
  • Use only level anti-slip rubber pads on a lifting platform.
  • Do not damage any sensitive components in the vicinity of the jacking points.

Raising vehicles with a level control system
Before driving onto a lifting platform or before raising the vehicle using a lifting platform, trolley jack or standard jack:

  • Manually set normal level and then switch off the leveling system.
    Please see the chapter "RAISING THE VEHICLE WITH THE JACK" on page 197.


  • Use the spacers only together with wheels approved by Porsche.
    Before having spacers fitted, find out about the current approval status.
  • Remove spacers if snow chains or a collapsible spare wheel are fitted.

Fitting Collapsible Spare Tire

  • Always remove 0.67 in. (17 mm) spacers before fitting the collapsible spare wheel because otherwise the wheel cannot be fitted correctly.

Risk of damage to the wheel housings if the spacers on the rear axle are not removed before fitting snow chains.

  • 0.67 in. (17 mm) spacers must always be removed from the rear axle when snow chains are to be fitted.


  • For information on removing the spacers: Please see the chapter "CHANGING A WHEEL AND REMOVING 0.67 IN. (17 MM) SPACERS" on page 281.
  • For information on fitting the spacers: Please see the chapter "FITTING 0.67 IN. (17 MM) SPACERS" on page 283.
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