2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

2011-2012 Cayenne – Manual

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Never invite car theft!
An unlocked car with the key in the ignition lock invites car theft.

A steering wheel lock and a gong alarm are standard equipment in your Porsche. The gong alarm will sound if you open the driver's door while the key is still in the ignition lock. It is your reminder to pull the key out of the ignition lock and to lock the doors.

Unattended Vehicle

Never leave your vehicle unattended with the key in the ignition lock, especially if children and/or pets are left unattended in the vehicle. They can operate power windows and other controls. If the engine is left running, they may accidentally engage the shift lever. Serious personal injury or death could result from loss of control of the vehicle.

  • Always remove the ignition key.
  • Always set the electric parking brake.
  • Lock the doors with the key or with the remote control.

Steering Column Lockup

The steering column will lock when you remove the key while you are driving or as the car is rolling to a stop. You will not be able to steer the car. Serious personal injury or death could result from loss of control of the vehicle.

  • Never remove the key from the steering lock while you are driving.

To protect your vehicle and your possessions from theft, you should always proceed as follows when leaving your vehicle:

  • Apply the electric parking brake.
  • Close windows.
  • Close sliding/lifting roof or Panorama roof system.
  • Remove ignition key (switch ignition off in vehicles that have Porsche Entry & Drive).
  • Remove valuables (e.g. car documents, radio control module, cell phones, house keys) from the car.
  • Lock the glove compartment.
  • Close storage trays.
  • Lock doors.
  • Cover luggage compartment with the luggage compartment cover.
  • Close the tailgate.
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