2009-2011 911 – Manual

2009-2011 911 – Manual

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Topping off engine oil

Engine Oil Fire Hazard

Fire hazard if engine oil comes into contact with hot engine parts.

  • Exercise extreme caution when topping up engine oil.
  • Top up engine oil only with the engine stopped and ignition switched off.

Hot Engine Parts

Risk of burns from hot parts in the engine compartment.

  • Exercise extrem caution when working in the engine compartment.
  • Top off engine oil only with the engine off.

Engine Moving Parts

Hands, fingers, items of clothing (ties, sleeves, etc.), necklaces or long hair can be drawn in by moving parts, e.g. the engine-compartment blower, drive belt, etc., when working in the engine compartment.

The engine-compartment blower is mounted on the engine compartment lid.

After the engine is switched off, the engine compartment temperature is monitored for approx. 30 minutes.

During this period, and depending on temperature, the engine-compartment blower may continue to run or start to run.

  • Carry out work in these areas only with the engine off and exercise extreme caution.

Swallowing Engine Oil

Engine oil is hazardous to health. Engine oil can be deadly to children or pets if consumed.

  • Keep engine oil out of children's reach.
  • Also, keep engine oil away from your pets.
    They can be attracted to it should there be a spill, or to used engine oil left in an open container. Engine oil can be deadly to pets if consumed.

Engine Oil Cancer Risk

Used engine oil contains chemicals that have caused cancer in laboratory animals.

  • Always protect your skin by washing thoroughly with soap and water.

The Check Engine warning light may light up if the cap of the oil filler opening is opened while the engine is running.

  1. Measure the oil level and read off the required top-up quantity on the on-board computer.
  2. Switch off the engine.
  3. Turn the oil filler cap counter-clockwise by approx. 90 ° and fully pull out the oil filler tube by means of the cap.

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